About 247 Interns

247 Interns is a social professional network designed to connect the most talented interns (both students and graduates) with employers and also creates a platform for networking of interns.

247 interns was created with the aim of connecting employers and interns online in the easiest and seamless way possible. Our interactive platform matches interns with employers and relieve the time-consuming burden of repetitive job posting and application processes, whilst also opening up market visibility for interns and employers alike.

Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to become the number one social professional network for interns in Africa.

Our mission is to connect interns and employers in a seamless way.


What is 247interns.com?

247interns.com is a social professional network designed to bridge the connection gap between interns and employers.

Who can join 247interns.com?

247interns.com accepts applications from all hard-working and motivated student and graduates seeking internships and employers looking to employ interns.

Can my friends or members of my institution society join your Intern database?

Yes! More Interns allow us to approach more employers on your behalf.

I have a suggestion that might improve the site. Where do I leave feedback?

Comments and feedback are gladly welcomed. We are always looking to improve our user experience, just click the feedback button.

Can I submit a blog post about internships?

Yes. We credit all our writers and are always looking for good quality content. You can submit articles about internships by emailing us your details. We accept submissions of up to 750 words. Please ensure that any content or images are your own work. We may not be able to post all of the content submitted.

How do I join 247interns.com?

Our sign-up process is simple. You can create an intern profile with our easy profile wizard.

How will joining 247interns.com help my internship search?

247interns.com is a great platform to improve your visibility as a potential intern. Our Intern database is only searchable by responsible employers who subscribe to our service and are looking for interns.

What range of employers use 247interns.com?

247interns.com caters for businesses in all sectors and of various sizes who are seeking interns.

Can 247interns.com guarantee to find me an internship?

Sadly, we cannot make any guarantees but we try to help interns as much as possible and signing up is very fast. 247interns.com is a fast new way to connect you with suitable opportunities. We do not get involved or have any control over any business user's decision-making process.

Do I have to keep checking 247interns.com?

Come and go as much as you like. We will alert you about internship deadlines coming up according to your preferences.

Will my profile or personal data be made public?

No. We never give out personal contact details or display your profile without your permission. We respect the privacy of our users.

Thanks, I just got a great internship. Should I deactivate my account now?

Congratulations on getting an internship! You can simply update your account settings and change your availability settings. You can visit 247interns.com at any time to check on new opportunities, amend your availability when you become free, or if you would like more work experience.

How do I update my profile?

You can amend and update your intern profile whenever you wish by visiting your account page.

How does 247interns.com handle dishonesty?

Employers want hard-working and trustworthy interns of all backgrounds. Being yourself is the best way to get ahead and find a work environment in which you are likely to thrive. Providing false or misleading information (even with small details) can really damage relationships and puts other candidates at a disadvantage. Most employers who use the service will seek references or verification of details contained in your profile. 247interns.com also conducts random internal background checks. Any user suspected or found to have provided false information will be removed from our Intern database immediately.

What information should I provide?

247interns.com has an easy sign-up system designed to take relevant information. We encourage you to provide as much relevant information as possible to help us with the matching process. If you cannot provide a reference or verification for an achievement or qualifications then it is probably best not to include it on your profile. You can update your profile and CV whenever you like.